Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blog Entry 4 - Chicago Ideas

Since buying the red filter and polarizer, I have been able to begin photographing exposures of clouds for my previous compositions. I used a technique of combining the photographs and stacking 2 or three different compositions to create the whole work. The complication with this method is that I have to shoot multiple exposures of each and every cloud formation. The struggle is shooting these formations at an angle that exemplifies the primary structure in the main photograph. The horizon lines must match up. I shot these exposures with another building or landscape as an anchor point to explore this. They lasted anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

(Right image: The Kansas City Star | Left image: Museum of Prairie Fire)

I began looking through some older photo's I had on record, from cities like Manhattan, NY and Dallas, TX. I found two buildings in Dallas that I felt would enhance this project. One was an iconic looking theater, while the other is another museum. I also took an image taken at Taliesin West (FLW) in Arizona.

(Above image: Taliesin West  FLW)

(Above image: Dallas, Natural History Museum)

(Above image: Dallas Theater | raw photo, still needs a cloud layer)

Know with almost 12 complete pieces, and still wanting to capture the shots of the Manhattan Discovery Center and Airport, I have turned my attention towards photographing the buildings of Chicago and the surrounding areas. I am going to begin by visiting the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). There I can photograph the Dorms on State Street and also the CTA Stop at the Student Union. Downtown, the James R. Thompson Center, Marina Towers, Aqua Tower, and the River City Condominiums. I wanted to shy away from the tall glass boxes that are skyscrapers. There is the stage at Millennium Park and the Chicago Art Institute next door. The Shed Aquarium and Adler Planetarium on the pier. And finally, there is Frank Loyd Wrights Unity Temple, located in the suburb of Oak Park.

I plan on getting a large variety of photographs from each location. I want the luxury of choice in the development stage of the photographs. It is also difficult to find a large enough amount of time to return, so I want to capture all the compositional angles that I might use.