Monday, February 12, 2018

Project Proposal

My past two projects were both based on architectural photographs. The first of the two was focusing on exterior, long exposure, photographs. It illustrated architectural marvels as withstanding time. Time was shown through the exposures of the clouds and water that added movement to the space. The second project I completed was focused on the detailing, and interior aspect, of architecture. I added movement through some of these images by adding the variable of people. For this next project, I am considering combining both interior and exterior spaces, but showing them in a different way. I want to show the movement through these spaces by having models walk through them and then using the blur created from it. In the past I have focused on shade and shadow, and worked in a grayscale. I want to add the aspect of color into these images.

( Exterior Project ) ( Interior Project ) ( Proposed Project )

A few names that have help me along with my research over the subject were Bernd and Hilla Becher, Alice O’Brien, and Farshid Assassi. Bernd and Hilla Becher’s images were not necessarily interesting to look at or of any historical relevance. Much of their work relates to the industry of mining, some of which are disappearing and/or gone. Their photographs work to preserve these structures as architectural landmarks.

Both Alice O’Brien and Farshid Assassi are architectural photographers who I admire and strive to emulate in my work. Farshid Assassi has mentored me in architectural photography for the past 2 ½ years. I went on a couple architectural shoots with him at Kansas State University and with the firm HNTB. That helped me alot with my first projects, as well as gaining architectural clients to work for. With this project, I want to take that a step further still.

( Alice O’Brien ) ( Farshid Assassi )

The initial step will be to decide where I will take these photographs, or what buildings I will reuse from previous projects. The next step is I will have to figure out some way to use/apprehend models for the shoots. Some of the shoots may be during working hours, and no models will be needed. Other times, though, I may need to find some models for the photograph. I then need to spend a few trial and errors to properly learn how to photograph in this style. Although the initial images will only be printed on letter size sheets, the final images will be printed on an Ink Jet printer onto 24 x 17 inch paper.

This project, like the previous projects, is finding time to travel to these locations. Luckily, through the previous works, I have developed a series of connections that will allow me to travel to these locations. Growing up in Kansas City also allows me many opportunities for this project. I have connections with Boulevard Brewery, The Kauffman Opera House, and Union Station. Kansas City is only a short 2 hour drive away as well. The idea is, like in the previous projects, I travel to nearby cities on the weekends. I will already have scoped the shoot out before hand. I will also have the opportunity to travel over Spring Break. I am not entirely sure where that will be yet, but it will be in a large city like Seattle or Denver.

Rough Edit: Project Timeline:

January 31th: Project Proposal Due.

February 12: Blog Entry 1

February 14: Critique 1
( 1 or 2 complete images, images planned, and locations planned )

March 7: Blog Entry 2

March 12: Critique 2
( 7 + images completed )

March 19 - 21: Spring Break: Denver/Seattle

April 9: Blog Entry 3

April 11: Critique 3
(15 + images completed )

May 1-3: Final Critique

( 20 images completed )

I did create some preliminary work as well. By stitching multiple 1/4" shutter speed images, I was able to create these stitched compositions. These are not final images, but a move in the right direction.